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McCoy Mrubata and Siyabulela - Lullaby for Khayoyo | CD

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“This album is a testament to the power of collaboration, born from a transcontinental journey that began in South Africa and traversed across oceans to find resonance in the hearts of musicians from diverse corners of the world.

The genesis of these melodic tales originated from South Africa, in the company of the ingenious guitarist Oscar Dlamini and the skilled trombonist and arranger Jabu Mgubane. The journey across continents took a significant turn when I had the honour of sharing this musical odyssey with the esteemed American guitarist Gary Witnner during our June 2023 mini-USA tour. Our musical synergy, forged since our first meeting in 2008, blossomed anew as we introduced this music to the incredibly talented bassist Jennifer Vincent, with whom I’ve had a privilege of working with a number of times when in the States, and the rhythmic pulse of drummer George Gray, who worked with the South African great Abdullah Ibrahim for over fifteen years.

The culmination of this cross-continental narrative transpired in the studio, where a convergence of musical brilliance unfolded. Joined by a stellar cast of guest musicians—pianist Steven Feifke, clarinet and alto player Evan Christopher, and the South African trombonist (now based in the US) Siya Charles. The recording sessions were a testament to collaboration at its best. Each musician brought their unique voice, contributing to the tapestry of sound that defines this album.

The culmination of this collaborative effort is what one hears on this album that encapsulates the spirit of the music, cultural exchange, and artistic camaraderie. It's a celebration of the universal language of music that transcends borders, embracing the shared heartbeat that unites us all.”

- McCoy Mrubata


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